What is Diabetes and Diabetes Destroyer?


Diabetes is one of the dangerous diseases in the world which attack anyone no matter how old are the people. The number of diabetes patient now increases more and more. In the whole world, diabetes has attacked more than 380 million people. It increases because there is no drug to cure this disease. Diabetes is a condition where a person has too much glucose content in the blood because the pancreas in the body cannot make insulin. And what are glucose and insulin? Glucose is a kind of essential source of our energy that comes from carbohydrate in the food. While insulin is an essence produced in the pancreas which has two tasks in our body that are to transport the glucose into fat from the blood supply and to switch off our liver when the glucose level is pretty high in the blood.

If somebody got diabetes and cannot control the sugar level in the blood, he or she will get worst complication as impact of this disease. Eye complication such as cataracts and glaucoma is only one of the examples of the complication. Somebody can even have neuropathy, ulcers, skin complication, heart problem, hypertension, gastroparesis, stroke, and many more. Because of this, to prevent such complication, people need diabetes destroyer to help them to lower the rate of the sugar level in blood. Diabetes destroyer is an effective way created by David Andrews. It is a program that can help controlling the sugar level without any insulin or metformin.

Diabetes destroyer bases its program with a quite different diet system and lifestyle. There are three steps in the program. First is to plan your meal, then how to increase your metabolism, and the last is to set your time to eat. This program is created for diabetes type 2 only. There will be many advantages since this program is created under health research.